Character Assessment Questionnaire

Can you help us to describe what makes Milton unique?

The first stage of a Neighbourhood Plan is drafting a ‘characterisation’ of the local area as it is now. This means capturing all the (good and bad) things about our area to help us plan for the future. Do you have 15-20 minutes to complete a quick questionnaire of the area you live or work in?

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Why do we need this information?

We need these details to check that you live and work in the Milton Neighbourhood Plan area.

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About your area...

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What sort of place is this?

Are there any historic features?

Do the buildings:

 front the street? have forecourts? have gardens? (Please tick those that apply)

Are the buildings:

 all different styles mostly different styles mostly the same style all the same style

Does this make the area look:

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Have the buildings changed:

 a lot a little mostly not changed not changed at all

Does this make the area look:

 Worse Neutral Better

How would you rate the views of/from this place:

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