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Draft Neighbourhood Plan August 2019

The Milton Neighbourhood Planning Forum is reviewing community feedback on the Consultation process that ran in May 2019. We have received comments too from the likes of Natural England and Historic England as well as from the City Council who finally shared with us some legal advice given to them from a QC back in August 2018.

We will need to make some changes and amendments to the Draft Plan V24 and record in our “Consultation Statement”.

One issue the QC’s advice has convinced us of is the need to prepare another Habitats Regulation Asessment (HRA). It’s an odd feature of our Neighbourhood Plan for “Sustainable Development” that it has to accord with the Council’s “Strategic” Policies in a City where there is “No Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development” by virtue of Langstone Harbour’s International Designation as a Special Protection Area for Habitat Conservation.

In effect, our original HRA of July 2017 has now been deemed to have been prepared on an incorrect basis following European Court Judgement in February 2018 on when to “screen” for an Appropriate Assessment.

We are grateful that the Council has agreed to fund this additional work and it can be done simultaneously with us incorporating our amendments.     

 Rod Bailey 

Chairman Milton Neighbourhood Planning Forum

1 August 2019           


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