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Milton Neighbourhood Plan – have your say


Milton Neighbourhood Planning Forum have prepared a draft neighbourhood plan which outlines a way forward for the area for the next 15 years.

Parliament has laid down a process to be followed in the creation of neighbourhood plans, and the next stage is a public consultation to be held by Portsmouth City Council.

Residents can comment on the plan from 6 September to 18 October 2021.

To see the plan and associated documents please click to open the files below.

There are printed copies of the plan at Milton Library, Milton Village Hall and Eastney Community Centre.

To comment please email

Postal comments to – C/O the Planning Policy Team, Regeneration, Floor 4 Core 4, Civic Offices, Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth PO1 2AL

If you need help accessing the documents or need to submit your comments on paper, please contact us on 07789 271471.

Making your comments

  • When commenting, please indicate which document you are referring to and give the page and/or paragraph number.
  • Representations should consider, in particular, whether the draft plan meets the ‘basic conditions’. Planning practice guidance sets out the neighbourhood planning process and what these basic conditions are. A basic conditions statement has been submitted outlining how the Milton Neighbourhood Plan meets these.
  • Representations may include a request to be notified of a decision by the council to adopt the neighbourhood plan as part of its planning framework for the city.

What happens next

When the consultation has closed the council will collate all comments and send them to an independent examiner along with the plan and accompanying documents.

The examiner will publish a report to the council and the neighbourhood forum recommending whether or not the plan should proceed, with any recommended modifications.

If the recommendation is for the plan to proceed, the local community will get a chance to vote on it in a referendum.

If the vote is in favour, the council will look to adopt the plan as part of its local development plan, and it will be used to help judge planning decisions in the area.


Milton Neighbourhood Plan Policies

33 pages.  This document contains the policies that we wish to apply to planning in Milton.  This is the most important document to read.

Milton Neighbourhood Plan Proposals Map

1 page.  This map gives a spatial understanding to the Milton Neighbourhood Plan Policies.

Milton Neighbourhood Plan Green Space Map

1 page.  This map shows the green space that we plan to protect.

Milton Neighbourhood Plan Evidence

44 pages.  This document contains the evidence that we have collated to understand the planning problems and to help us make the policies.  It contains sections on  the population of Milton and how Milton developed; housing; employment and retail; education; health; adult social care; infrastructure; air pollution; community facilities; local green space; the coastline and its designations.

Milton Basic Conditions Statement

22 pages.  This document demonstrates that we have produced a Neighbourhood Plan that complies with current legislation.

Consultation Statement

10 pages.  The Consultation Statement is a record of the times and places that the Neighbourhood Planning Forum have interacted with Milton Residents, Portsmouth City Council and other stakeholders.  It also records the feedback given, questions raised and our responses to them.

Policy Table

1 page.  This document describes the impact of each policy.  It also gives the page numbers of specific policies.

Milton Neighbourhood Plan Strategic Environmental Assessment

79 pages.  This report assesses our plan against its environmental impact.

Milton Neighbourhood Plan Area in relation to Designated Sites

1 page.  This map forms part of the Milton Strategic Environmental Assessment report and shows how close the Neighbourhood Planning area is to sites of International Significance for Wildlife Habitat Conservation and the types of designation.

Milton Neighbourhood Plan Habitats Regulation Assessment

47 pages.  This is an assessment of the impact that the Milton Neighbourhood Plan would have on the specific protected habitats of the Milton Shoreline.

Milton Neighbourhood Plan Housing Needs Analysis

56 pages.  This report examines the specific housing needs of Milton and informs our housing policies.

Green Development Guidance Note

2 pages.  This is an Annex to the Plan describing best practice for including green and sustainable issues in planning.