MNPF Objection to 18/00484/DEM. Application to demolish Fairoak and Beeches Lodges.

Subject: Demolition Application 18/00484/DEM “Fairoak” and “The Beeches” St James’ Hospital


The demolition of these buildings should be determined as part of the wider application for the redevelopment of the south eastern part of St James’ Hospital (referred to as Plot 1 in 18/00288/OUT)

This Application is a mischievous attempt to hide the demolition of important historic buildings and amounts to a deception on behalf of a Government Agency.

The National Planning Policy Framework puts great emphasis on the Nation’s Heritage and unless and until a final scheme is approved, there can be no justification for their removal because any “Public Interest” benefit cannot properly be determined.

There is no Heritage Assessment with the Demolition Application and the one accompanying the development scheme is tin any case too shallow to properly justify the removal of “Fairoak” and “The Beeches” as it ignores “Curtilage Listing”, ignores the historical significance in terms of the evolution of the Hospital and it’s design by local architects, and totally misses the point in recognising the importance of landscape and setting endorsed by the NPPF..

I shall be grateful if you will refrain from considering this Demolition Application in isolation from the Outline Application 18/00288/FUL

Rod Bailey

Chairman Milton Neighbourhood Planning Forum